Logic Artists is an independent game development studio headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We develop tactical roleplaying games for PC and consoles, with a loyal and passionate fanbase. Logic Artists was founded in 2011, and has become one of the largest game development studios in Denmark. In 2019, we opened a new office in Istanbul, Turkey to boost our development capacities. We have published several games including our critically acclaimed historical RPGs; Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking, and we are currently working with THQ Nordic on the next game in the Expeditions franchise.

At Logic Artists, you will have the freedom to solve the day-to-day challenges you encounter in your work, and to make up new challenges as you go. Our team is small enough that you will know everyone by name, but big enough that you will frequently be blown away by the talent and passion of everyone around you.


We work hard to help each other grow as developers and we always push ourselves and each other to improve in our craft. We give ourselves space to learn, to invent creative solutions for weird problems, and to hone our games to higher and higher levels of quality.


We trust each other, and we trust in our players. Our fans are passionate about games with personality and bold ideas, and that passion drives us to experiment and take creative risks.



The Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen offers a variety of events, shopping, restaurants, and amazing things to discover.


Copenhagen is the bicycle capital of the world (despite what the Dutch might claim) and has a laid-back culture and a real sense of community.


It’s a peaceful yet vibrant city, with beautiful parks and canals that draw everyone out to chill with a beer when the sun is shining.


Located on the shores of Istanbul’s Asian side, Kadikoy is a vibrant neighbourhood the young and hip appearance of which defies its ancient heritage. It’s one of the most prestigious residential and cultural hubs of Istanbul.

Along with its serene waterfront and stunning sea-views Kadikoy also provides mouth-watering culinary options, independent shops, bars, movie theatres, concert halls and its own opera house, all within walking distance.

It also sits on a focal point of the sprawling public transportation network of Istanbul allowing quick access to the metro, the suburban and transcontinental train lines, bus lines and the tram. With its friendly and helpful residents, no matter who you are, Kadikoy always feels like home.