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We’re looking for a talented Environment Artist to elevate the visual quality of our highly anticipated turn-based roleplaying games. As our Environment Artist, you will be trusted to adapt to the established art direction of each of our projects and create a wide range of detailed props that must hold up to close scrutiny and tell a story, while also contributing well to the big-picture view of each environment in our games.


● Modeling and texturing highly detailed assets from scratch, which will fit into the varied art directions and styles of each of our game worlds.
● Creating high poly sculpts and low poly in-game models with or without concept art.
● Setting up materials and shaders to achieve the best possible final quality.
● Understanding and adhering to the technical specifications and limitations of the engines and target platforms we work with.
● Maintaining the production pipeline and meeting deadlines.
● Collaborate effectively with the other artists and designers involved in creating locations.


● 3+ years in a similar role.
● Excellent skills in one of the leading modeling packages (3ds Max, Maya, etc.) and Photoshop.
● Knowledge of physically based rendering (PBR).
● Very creative and an excellent eye for detail.
● Excellent eye for shape, colour, lighting, and composition on a per-object basis as well as at the overall scene level.
● Ability to produce interesting assets within different styles, even when there is no concept art available.
● Experience producing modular set pieces like walls, stairs, houses, etc.


● Ability to work well under pressure and to handle multiple tasks.
● Willingness to take responsibility and be part of a highly collaborative team environment.
● Ability to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements.
● Ability to prioritise, plan, organise work, manage your own time, and meet deadlines.
● Thrive in an informal, creative environment of highly motivated people.
● Passion for computer games.
● Sense of humour.


● Experience with Substance or Houdini.
● Basic knowledge of level design.
● Ability to set up and animate simple assets (eg. doors, moving machine parts, etc.)
● Strong 2D skills or concept art skills.
● Experience in architecture or design.

Logic Artists Logo_Main2.png

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