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We’re looking for a talented Environment Concept Artist to elevate the visual quality of our highly anticipated turn-based roleplaying games. As a concept artist you will be responsible for creating the overall visual design of our game world(s), in close collaboration with the art director and the rest of the art team. You will be trusted to work on the overall look of the game as well as on highly detailed props designs, and everything in between, to a high and consistent standard.


• Creating high quality environment concept art and prop designs.
• Working closely with level/game designers on creating level visualizations and paintovers.
• Able and willing to handle a variety of 2D art tasks, as necessary.
• Providing ideas and creative sparring to the rest of the art team when needed.
• Working with the art director to maintain the artistic vision across the entire project, and pushing the quality level when possible.


● Outstanding 2D visualization skills.
● Outstanding environment and prop design skills.
● Outstanding ability to work with an iterative design process.
● Excellent colour theory and composition skills.
● Excellent knowledge of lighting and how to use it.
● Excellent English ability, both spoken and written.
● Excellent communication skills and ability to work efficiently with a team.
● Good at taking and giving criticism.
● Outstanding creativity, commitment, work ethic and sense of order.
● Proven success in creating high quality concept art for games.


• Sense of humour.
• Passionate and driven.
• Considers tight constraints a challenge rather than an obstacle.
• Avid and passionate gamer.


• 3+ years of experience in the game development industry as a Concept Artist/Designer.
• High level user of other Adobe software like Illustrator, Indesign, Animate, After Effects etc.
• 3D sculpting and/or modeling skills.
• Mastery of multiple visual styles.
• Experience working on top-down and/or tactical games.
• Experience creating textures and materials for 3D.
• Experience using game engines (Unreal).
• Experience with SCRUM based project management tools.
• Experience with version control software like Perforce, Github etc.

Logic Artists Logo_Main2.png

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