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We’re seeking a passionate Technical Animator for our team in Istanbul. As Technical Animator with us, you will be responsible for rigging and skinning assets for our turn-based roleplaying games, while supporting our character artists and external teams. You will work closely with programmers, designers, and artists to solve technical problems and help push the quality of our games.


● Rigging and skinning of a variety of characters and other objects.
● Collaborating with animators and artists on character setup and specifications, including coordinating with external studios.
● Helping with technical risk assessment of features during prototyping and development.
● Closely collaborating with artists, programmers, designers, and other development team members to proactively solve or prevent problems.
● Understanding and maintaining the animation pipelines and developing process-enhancing tools and other aids when needed.
● Writing and maintaining documentation.
● Proposing new technical solutions or pipelines.
● Helping with mocap cleanup when necessary.


● 2+ years in a similar role.
● Minimum 1 shipped PC or console title.
● Thorough knowledge of Maya.
● Knowledge of programming, particularly MEL and Python.
● Proven understanding of the technical limitations and pipelines in game development.
● Experience working with mocap, including setting up, acting, and animation cleanup.
● Positive and constructive attitude.
● Self-motivated and with a high standard of quality.
● Good communication skills and fluent or business level English - written and spoken.


● Ability to work well under pressure and to handle multiple tasks.
● Willingness to take responsibility and be part of a highly collaborative team environment.
● Ability to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements.
● Ability to prioritise, plan, organise work, manage your own time, and meet deadlines.
● Thrive in an informal, creative environment of highly motivated people.
● Passion for computer games.
● Sense of humour.


● Working knowledge of other related software, eg. MotionBuilder or Houdini.
● Previous experience in different areas of game development, eg. scripting, visual effects, or character art.
● Experience with art asset optimisation techniques and memory budgets.
● Knowledge and love of roleplaying games.

Logic Artists Logo_Main2.png

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