Logic Artists is looking for an experienced VFX Artists to join our team. To qualify for this role, you must be passionate about all aspects of VFX design and implementation, with an exceptional ability to create dazzling visual effects that can create a fully immersive experience for our players. You should have an excellent eye for detail with a creative flair and stylistic versatility. You will work closely with programmers, designers, and artists to solve technical problems and help push the quality of our games.


● Work on the complete VFX pipeline from concept design to final polished result in the game
● Demonstrate creativity and technical ability, while ensuring VFX are efficient and within the budget.
● Excellent knowledge to combine aesthetics and physics to create VFX
● Collaborate with designers, artists and coders to design and implement VFX


● Previous experience as a VFX artist or personal work demonstrating your skill and passion.
● A passion for perfection and a pragmatic approach as well as a mindset that encompasses both the aesthetic and motion-based aspects for the role.
● An understanding of how to create effects that are efficient and well-balanced.
● Strong knowledge of particle systems in the games industry.
● The observation skills to create authentic, believable motion for the most dynamic VFX.
● Knowledge of the range of visual techniques employed in delivering high-quality effects in modern games.
● Keen understanding of memory and performance pitfalls as well as techniques and tricks a VFX Artist can employ to avoid them.
● Knowledge of Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Houdini or other industry-standard software.
● Knowledge of Unreal and Unity engines.


● Ability to work well under pressure and handle multiple tasks.
● Willingness to take responsibility and be part of a highly collaborative team environment.
● Ability to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements.
● Ability to prioritize, plan, organize work, manage your own time, and meet deadlines.
● Thrive in an informal, creative environment of highly motivated people.
● Passion for computer games.
● Sense of humor.


● Knowledge of game lighting and other FX systems such as full-screen effects etc is beneficial
● Experience in films is beneficial if you can demonstrate working in a real-time environment.
● Experience with art asset optimization techniques and memory budgets.
● Knowledge and love of role-playing games.